Cravings can be a major problem when it comes to releasing weight.

Emotional connections with food can cause over-eating, comfort-eating and food addictions.  You really can eat less food NATURALLY, without the anxiety, cravings, or regret and lose weight in a way that’s healthy and balanced, the way nature intended.

FasterEFT is a technique we use to discover the link between the foods you crave and the emotions, like love, connection and happiness, you are looking for when you are sad, lonely or unhappy.

You probably don’t even know why you eat when you’re not hungry.

Do you ever wonder where that whole packet of chips or block of chocolate went to?

Do you even remember eating it or what it tasted like because you were eating without thinking?


  • Experience real freedom beyond anything you’ve read, thought or dreamed about.
  • Learn a new way of looking at weight loss, health, food, exercise and how you perceive and react to your experiences.
  • Discover simple self-empowering techniques that you can do anywhere and create a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn how to release your old, unwanted habits and problems, and make room for a new you!

Call me to find out more or book a free half-hour appointment and we can discuss your issue and if this technique is something that you would like to try.

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I helped one lady in a one-hour group session with her bread craving. She has hardly eaten bread since doesn’t miss it, has lost weight and is more aware of what she is eating now.  She is so happy because it has been so easy and effortless for her.