Phobias are irrational, uncontrollable, persistent, unrealistic, excessive fears and reactions to an object, person, animal, activity or situation.

Just the thought of the phobia can put a person into fight or flight.

They will feel overwhelmed, avoid certain situations or have a panic attack  even though they are not in danger.

Phobias are usually associated with past traumatic experiences someone has had or witnessed, stories they have heard, movies they have watched or news clips they have read or seen.

These are the proofs and references where they have formed a belief about whatever they fear.

Fortunately when these experiences are safely addressed with eutaptics FasterEFT the phobia can be eliminated.

Aerophobia is an extreme fear of flying. People with aerophobia might feel intense anxiety before or during a flight. 

 I recently had a lovely testimonial after a session with a client who was afraid of flying.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Diane both online and face to face. I can’t express how grateful I am for her presence and expertise. Diane has been instrumental in helping me overcome my fear of flying. The results have been nothing short of remarkable.” Gillian.

I worked with a young woman who had the fear of vomiting, one of the hardest phobias to treat. She had recently had a miscarriage and wanted to get pregnant again. She was scared of getting morning sickness. We addressed a memory of when she was a child and soon after she had a healthy pregnancy.

Snakes – When I was a toddler we had a property with scrub land that Dad was clearing. From a young age I was told to watch out for snakes. When I went to school the teacher had a dead snake in a jar. She would pull it out by a piece of string around it’s neck.

One day when I was about 6 years old while walking home from school what I thought was a snake popped it’s head out from under a bush. Looking back it was probably a lizard but it really scared me. I was paranoid after that about snakes.  I couldn’t even look at one in a book or on TV.

Since using eutaptics FasterEFT I am no longer like that. We have some of the most deadly snakes on earth here so, yes, I am still cautious.

Spiders – When I was about 6 Mum’s friend, who was scared of spiders, and her daughter were at our place. Mum had a plastic spider and decided to scare her friend, Alison. She screamed and climbed on the chair. Susan her daughter did the same. She was learning from her mother to be afraid of spiders. I thought at the time “Why are they so scared, it’s just a plastic spider”

50+ years later I was bitten by a Red Back Spider, again one of our deadliest spiders. It didn’t bother me, apart from the pain. I had red lines going up my leg and a lump in my groin. I was close to going to hospital but managed it myself and with the help of my naturopath. My knee was swollen for nearly 6 months.

Not long after I found myself putting my hands in places where Red Back spiders  lived in the shed but again no fear.

Even though I was scared of snakes I didn’t fear spiders.

This was because of my past childhood experiences with snakes but not with spiders.

I helped one lady with the fear of having her blood pressure taken. This went back to a childhood experience too.

There are hundreds of phobias. You can find an A-Z of phobias on the Internet and their names

Common ones are





Public Speaking.

Small spaces.

Going outside.





Getting rid of the phobia doesn’t make you stupid and careless when you are exposed to the trigger again. You will be rationally cautious rather than anxious and irrational.

Most treatments for phobias either offer coping strategies, exposure therapy or changing the way you think and react to the phobia.

Most don’t address the actual cause of the phobia the way eutaptics FasterEFT does.

We use a process that does it in a very safe way. First we clear up everything from the past that caused the phobia in the first place. Then the thoughts and ideas of it happening in the future. By the time it comes to actually facing the trigger the irrational fear has usually gone.