1 Two Hour Session                                  


3 Two Hour Sessions (6 hours)                

5 Two Hour Sessions  (10 hours)              

Start with a FREE 30 minute strategy session if you are

  • New to eutaptics®FasterEFT and want to know how it can help you
  • Determine if you would like to work with me
  • Discuss your issues and set up a plan of action

Packages for eutaptics®FasterEFT Practitioners

  • Do You Need Help with working on yourself?
  • Would you like a deeper understanding of eutaptics®FasterEFT’s concepts and techniques?
  • Have you done an ART of Change and found a problem that is too big to deal with yourself?
  • Worried about your competency evaluation or Mentor assessment?
  • Are you Asking yourself “Am I doing this right?”

These mentoring packages can help you –

  1. Get through a problem that you are finding difficult to address
  2. Understand what you are learning and why it is important
  3. To be motivated to work on yourself
  4. Gain the confidence to use the skills you are learning
  5. Give you 5 hours of AeP required session hours (Quick start package)

Quick Start Your Training            $1,000 (12 Hours)

3 eutaptics FasterEFT Sessions   2 Hours each

3 Mentoring Sessions                    1 Hour each

3 Mentor assisted Sessions          1 Hour each

Accelerate Your Learning             $450 (6 Hours)

3 Mentoring Sessions                    1 Hour each

3 Mentor assisted Sessions          1 Hour each