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Are you continually getting what you don’t Want?

Are you ready to get what you do Want?

Release Past Negative Stress – Learn Life changing skills – Create a Happy Successful future.

  • We use a technique that AIMS at what you don’t want
  • We release the negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you in the same old patterns
  • We empower you to see what you do want as being possible and achievable.
  • At the end of a session we will show you how to do it for yourself anytime, anywhere.

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We are located in Hove, South Australia.
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If you're unable to see us in person, no worries.
We offer convenient one-on-one sessions from the privacy of your own home via Skype.
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Our Happy Clients

Choosing Confidence

Let’s face it most of us would like more confidence in our lives.
We all go through periods of feeling stressed, inadequate, lacking confidence and self worth and doubting ourselves.

We need confidence to perform at our best and succeed:

  • At Work.
  • Handling Our Finances.
  • Being a Wife, Mother, Husband, Father, Teacher, Friend.
  • In Our Social Lives.
  • At School.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Sports.
  • To Be Creative.

…Or just to lead a happy, healthy, successful life.

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Confidence: The Mind-Body Connection

When faced with a situation where we lack confidence we go into survival mode which produces stress hormones that are released into our body. This is the fight or flight response.

We feel it in our body as fear or anxiety. It could be a feeling in our stomach or a racing heart. This is HOW we know we have the problem and it comes from our perception of past experiences we have had and the negative beliefs we have formed from them.

Don't Know How To Change?

If you don’t know how to change then you won’t be able to.
Instead the subconscious mind will try and find a way to avoid facing the problem.

Whether it be;

Overeating, Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, TV, Video Games, Shopping, Working etc.

Why are some people more confident than others?

They know HOW to be confident because of their perception to past experiences and the positive beliefs they have formed from them.

The Solution

We have a technique that finds the source of the problem that is unique to the individual and release it.
Then we help you create the future you want.
You attract what you focus on so instead of focusing on what you DON’T want you are free to focus on what you DO want.

The Formula - Free yourself from Stress and Choose Success

1) Release Past Negative Stress

2) Learn life changing skills for positive outcomes

3) Create a Happy, Successful future

Work with us

We offer sessions either in person, on Skype or even over the phone.
We don’t need to know your “Story” if you feel uncomfortable telling it.
We only need to know how you know you have the problem
Feel safe and comfortable, you won’t be judged
We teach you the skills to work on yourself.

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