A runny nose, Itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes and wheezing. It’s not pleasant  and if you suffer from Hay fever or Asthma, Bowen Therapy may be able to help you

When I was young there was only one child in my class with Asthma, a few people got hay fever and not many had allergies. I don’t think we had even heard of Intolerances.

Nowadays it’s very common for children and adults to have inhalers and preventers or take hay fever medication.

Today there are far more chemicals used for all sorts of things. Herbicides and pesticides are used on food crops, fumigants on imported furniture and fire retardants on clothing. Then there are all the artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners used in food.

These are just a few of the substances that we inhale, ingest and absorb that are foreign to our bodies.

When you add seasonal allergens to the mix, like grasses and pollens, it can send our already compromised immune systems into overload resulting in hay fever, asthma, allergies and intolerances.

Being aware of all these substances and reducing them where possible will hopefully go a long way towards lessening the occurrence and severity of reactions.

Bowen Therapy can help too by balancing the body and empowering it to heal itself.

When I was doing my Diploma of Bowen Therapy I did a Research Project into “The effects of Bowen on childhood Asthma”. I used the Bowen Respiratory moves for Asthma on the children over a duration of a few weeks and all the children improved!

A friend of mine suffered from hay fever and allergies that caused rashes. After I did the Bowen Upper Respiratory moves on her she didn’t have hay fever for two years.

Results will vary from person to person but it really is worth giving Bowen a go.

Bowen works in many ways – on the fascia, CNS, muscles and nerves sending messages deep into the body to reset itself to a more natural comfortable way of being.

It is safe for the newborn through to the elderly, is non-invasive and gentle.

You can Book a Bowen session with me, in person, by phoning 0427 617 988