If you would like to change your path to a better life, then choose a better destination and take a different highway.

The Neural pathways in our minds are like highways – the more traffic they get the bigger and better they become.
Are your destinations somewhere you choose to go or are they somewhere you would really rather not go?

Maybe you are in a job or relationship you don’t like or have an addiction to a food, substance or activity you can’t stop. Do you have road rage or get angry, scared, sad or lonely and just don’t know how to change?
When you get serious and decide the destination you are heading to is no longer a good place to go the highway becomes disused, deteriorates and gets closed.

Doing what we already know keeps us safe because it is familiar to us, even if we don’t like what we are doing. It can be scary to try something new!
But, if that is the only highway you know – how can you get off it and go somewhere better?  Besides, there are so many proofs and references along the way that keep telling you this is the only way.

Let go of all the triggers and reasons you go to that same old place and make a decision to go somewhere different.
Find the place you would love to be, go there in your mind, love it, see it, hear it and feel it. Practice it so the highway gets bigger and better.  When you stop thinking about your old destination your old highway will turn into a dirt track and it will be hard to access.
It will get easier and more familiar every time you go to that wonderful new destination. Before you know it your life will be on the highway to that great new place. 

Faster EFT AIMS at your problem and how you do it which is unique to you. The technique releases all the negative thoughts, programs, limiting beliefs and triggers that keep you in the same old loop. When that’s all gone you start to see and feel things differently and that it is possible to follow your chosen path to success and happiness.

Make sure your highways are to happy places.  Book a session with me and get on that new path as soon as possible.