Do You believe your Affirmations?

Is Visualizing your future working?

They can work, but if you have resistance to, or don’t really believe what you are visualizing or affirming will happen then it probably won’t or it will take a long time.

We create our future from our past experiences and what we focus on. If you have proofs, references and memories from your past that still have negative emotions around them you will more than likely have resistance to creating your ideal future.

Changing your old negative memories into something you would rather have had happen isn’t going to change the actual event. It will, however, change your subconscious programming.

That is because the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a real or perceived event. For instance, you can be watching a scary movie and you will react as though it is really happening – your heart rate will increase and you will feel the fear somewhere in your body. You go into flight or fight mode. Of course, your conscious mind knows it is just a movie. The same can happen if you change a story from the past. Your conscious mind knows it is just a story but the subconscious will have replaced the old program with a new positive one. The old proofs and references won’t be there to cause resistance anymore. There won’t be the resistance to visualizing your future because your subconscious will have new proofs and references to draw on to make it believable. it will believe that if it was possible in the past then it must be possible in the future. The more past negative memories you change the easier it will become.

FasterEFT is a technique that can find and change the past negative memories that are holding you back from creating the future you choose to have.

Most of what we are creating now comes from childhood programming – what we have learnt and experienced from birth to now. Maybe you don’t know why you can’t change and even if you do know unless you know how to change you won’t be able to.

Try FasterEFT –  Fast Track you Success

Release Past Negative Stress and Memories – Learn Life changing skills – Create a Happy Successful Future.

Don’t let one bad experience affect the rest of your life.

There are many areas in your life that can be improved – sports performance, relationships, career, creativity, communication skills and public speaking to name a few.

All you have to lose is negativity and resistance but you will gain confidence, success, a positive outlook on life and a better future for yourself.

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