Hi, I just wanted to share a little of my experience of having a one on one session with a Faster EFT practitioner. I had been enjoying introducing Eutaptics to the children in my school and trying it for myself with lots of positive results, however having the one on one session with Diane was on a whole other level.

It blew me away to see just how fast and deep I went in just 90 mins. I have been involved in counselling for many years and have had sessions with an EFT practitioner, both have been excellent and I definitely caused shifts in myself. But one particularly traumatic memory from childhood has continued to affect me, I was aware of it and thought I had dealt with it until my session with Di. I could not believe how one Eutaptics/FasterEFT session could change the memory utterly. I even struggle to call it traumatic anymore because I choose a different version of the memory and the life-changing trauma it left me with is gone! I have had a glimpse into the power of this modality and I can’t wait to do more.