When I had a session with Diane I was surprised to find out that my difficult memories were all linked and strongly connected to a mindset I had created for myself. This mindset materializes itself in physical ways too, such as an over-sensitivity to scents. I had the session last Sunday and headed for a holiday with my two boys, eager to disconnect from work, which would be quite a feat. And guess what? As soon as I woke up on Monday, work was out of my sight and mind. No picking on our platform, emails, I didn’t even respond to messages with subjects that other people would be able to resolve without me. And there was a bonus: I walked into a lovely shop with a range of scents that I only noticed when my boys asked to leave because they were ‘too strong’.  I had experienced EFT previously but only this week I’ve come to the understanding of how powerful – and empowering! – Eutaptics/ FASTER EFT is. My journey has just started and I aim to keep on track,  looking ahead!