Di, Thank you so much.

Over the years my daughter has always put too much pressure on herself to be perfect at everything.  As a result, this has affected her schooling. Stressing about naplan for a year before she was due to do it is a great example. Many a time the teacher has had to pull her aside and explain that she was doing well. Me telling her was not enough. Then high school hit and the pressure went up. Anything less than an A was a fail in her eyes. Add teenage girls into the equation and she started having regular breakdowns at home.

After only 1 session with you, she learnt the technique to cope. I was very surprised by how quickly I saw her confidence change and grow. Now, six months on she has the maturity of facing issues head-on. Bullying at school has been one of them. The tools you gave her have seen her face the fear and realise she holds the power to be happy.
I cannot express how grateful we are to you. Your caring warm nature put her at ease instantly.
I love your work – I would defiantly recommend you to anyone who wants to better themselves. I hope your push to get this practice into schools comes sooner than later.