For a long time I knew I was holding on to some negative emotions but couldn’t put my finger on it, even though I had cleared so much in the last few years.

I never thought I was angry with my parents or blamed them for anything because I feel blessed to have grown up in a loving and caring family.  I decided to put this bias aside and open my mind to the possibility that maybe I was angry with my Mum on a subconscious level.

As I have said before I don’t like my feet but it is because they are like my Mum’s. At the same time I worry about Mum’s health. What surprised me was that I was angry because I believe these health issues originate from a car accident she and her parents were involved in when she was five years old.

I discovered I was actually angry with the people who caused the accident because they never took responsibility for the pain they caused my family. I used FasterEFT to clear this unexpressed anger.

What I realised was that it wasn’t my anger, how could it be, I wasn’t born then – it was Mum’s Anger that I had taken on. As a five year old she had seen her Mum in pain and tried to take it away for her.

I used some advanced FasterEFT techniques to clear it and the change was massive.  My perception of the issue has changed now and it no longer bothers me.

As a baby and small child you learn how to live in the world from your parents and those you have closest contact with. You think everything they do and say is right because you don’t know any different.

So when they worry you assume it is yours too. You take on their problems and try to take it away so they feel better. It won’t work because it is their problem not yours. As you get older you continue to try and make other people happy by trying to take on their problems.

How often have you heard or said “I never want to be like my mother/father” but have many traits just like them. Maybe people have pointed out just how like your mother or father you are or you have said “I am turning into my mother/father” but hate some of the things they say or do. We pick up and learn these behaviours as small children from our parents and we parent the same way, just as they learnt from their parents. We can change when we become aware of the problem and consciously change our behaviour, however most of the time we are doing it subconsciously and don’t even realise when we are doing it.

The trouble is whatever we have taken on from others in a bid to help them carries over into other areas of our lives. We worry about others but worry doesn’t solve their problems.

We use FEFT to discover the root of the problem (even if you don’t know it exists or where it originates from), and work to clear the emotional burden from your shoulders until you have accepted that the problem was not yours to solve, and never will be.

Once you have cleared your own problems and issues you will be able to help others more effectively.

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