Before you can become more confident you need to ask:

  • How do I know I lack confidence?
  • How do I look, feel and sound in situations when I lack confidence?
  • When did it start? What was happening then?
  • When does it happen now?
  • Who am I with?
  • What do I do? How do I act or react?

When the triggers and memories have been identified they can be released.

The technique we use finds the mind body connection that is unique to the individual then we can help you release the problem.

Once the persistent uncomfortable feelings, stress, anxiety, doubts and lack of self worth have been addressed your perception will change.

The Body follows the mind so once your perception of a situation has changed the body reacts differently.

If you focus on memories and feelings from the past you will continue to lack confidence.

When you focus on being and feeling confident you will become more confident.

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