I have heard, read and been told to love myself many times but the question is “How do we love ourselves?”

I have been quick to point out all the things I don’t like and tend to play down the good parts for fear of sounding vain.

The opposite is true. If you truly love yourself then you will nurture, nourish and look after yourself.

So instead of saying to yourself “I love you” when you don’t really believe or feel it, try thinking about a part of you that you don’t particularly like and then think about what’s good about it.

I don’t like my big, flat feet and crooked toes but I am grateful that my feet provide me with the ability to walk and move and my toes provide balance so I do actually, love and appreciate my feet.

I have grey hair but I love my hair because it is thick and healthy and I get lots of lovely comments from people about how much they like my hair. I could say I’m too lazy or can’t afford to color it or just brush of the comment. But I am truly grateful for the comments and thank anyone who comments on my hair. At the same time they feel valued for their comment rather than discredited or judged.

FasterEFT can address and release the negative and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves then it is easier to love and appreciate our whole self without our ego.

The same goes for you house, car, the work you do. Look at all the positive aspects and what they provide for you and be grateful for what you already have, that way you will attract more of what you would like.

How do I Become more Grateful?

Be grateful for your electricity and gas bills because you have been provided with light, power, warmth etc for 3 months before you had to actually pay for it.

Being grateful for and appreciating what you already have or have achieved invites more success and positivity into your life. You attract what you focus on.

If we focus on what we consider to be wrong or negative in our lives then we will attract more of it.

Instead of looking back at what we haven’t done, received or achieved –

Recognize what you have achieved and acquired. Be grateful and love all the successes big or small.

Make it a part of your day so it becomes a habit. Start with something that is easy to implement like when you are driving, in the shower or wake up and go to sleep at night. You might find that you start seeing everything around you in a more positive light and start to appreciate it more.