I’ve had 5 sessions with Di this year and have noticed so many positive changes within myself.    Especially last weekend when I went on a retreat with 400 people, many whom I know well  (I’ve been going there the last 10 or so years), I was quite amazed how much I’ve really changed in comparison to the previous years.

What I noticed about myself is that I’m confident and feel really comfortable around people and also with particular people that I hadn’t felt so comfortable with, I was fine!  I’m finally comfortable with me:) !  That’s priceless, not something you can purchase anywhere.

I now say what I think, I speak up.  I’m Ok with confrontations, I’m not controlled by food anymore.  I feel confident and comfortable around men and I’m not judgemental anymore and on the whole lighter and happier.  Hey and I’m 56 so I’ve been living with the opposite of the positives above since a very young age – so you can imagine the relief and how happy I am with the changes!!!

FasterEFT has made lasting changes in my life and I’m really grateful to Di.  She’s very expert at what she does and she does it in such a natural and down to earth way that it’s really easy to share anything with her.  She’s pretty funny too – you’ll love her!