Towards the end of a webinar I began crying when I realized I could be a part of such a huge change in the education system and more importantly, in the lives of children. Underneath those tears were me questioning myself – Me, Really! Can I do this?? Who am I to think I can be part of such profound change? I was going deep into my “not good enough” program, which sometimes still happens for me as I take on new challenges. I 100% believe that without Faster EFT sessions I would still be the young woman who couldn’t speak up for herself, who lived her life based on what others wanted of her and who experienced numerous days of not wanting to get out of bed and face the world. I continue to do weekly group sessions as I step into a bigger, bolder, brighter version of myself and notice the limiting beliefs that come with that. BUT if you want to fast track personal growth and step fully into the biggest, boldest, brightest version of yourself – then (based only on my own personal experience) one on one sessions with a practitioner are the way to go. They truly are gold, as we become more and more aware of our own programs and conditioning – and let go of them, changing our story to what serves us best. A big Thanks to Di for noticing my tears during that Webinar and doing a session with me immediately after! Di helped me to see where those limiting beliefs were coming from, clear them up and change the memory that was keeping me stuck. I am a firm believer that we cannot help others to heal beyond the level we have healed ourselves. I therefore choose practitioners who regularly do their own powerful inner work. Thanks so much Di, for being one of those people ? J